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ל ITNAV קיים ענן פרטי, מאובטח ומגובה בישראל שמאפשר תמיכה רחבה עם עושר טכנולוגי כדי לענות על דרישות הלקוח במיוחד ללא כל צורך בהתקנות בבית הלקוח. כמו כן, אנחנו האינטגרטור המוביל של פתרון GENESYS CX – פלטפורמת ענן ציבורי שמבוססת AWS ומאפשרת ללקוחותיה להנות מהקמת פתרון מהיר, קל ועולמי. השירות שלנו מספק סביבה חדשנית, גמישה, המאפשרת שליטה ושיתוף פעולה. מרכזיית ענן מייצגת הזדמנות ענקית ללקוח להרחיב ולהפעיל יישומים חדשים ושעוד עתידים להגיע.

ITNAV is a leading provider of advanced technological solutions and supplementary applications of contact center (CC) for Genesys and Avaya platforms.
With 20 years of experience as an innovating implementor and integrator we provide our customers the platform to deliver exceptional service for their clients and optimize their CC operations, turning them into effective tools for Sales, Marketing and Service.
ITNAV continues to innovate and deliver unique on-prem and CCaaS solutions. By doing so, we empower our customers to maintain a competitive edge, fulfill their business objectives, and achieve their strategic goals.

About us

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We have more than 20 years of experience in delivering innovative and successful on-prem and CCaaS solutions. Our know-how and profound understanding of the complexities as well as possibilities that lie in Contact Center operations allows us to design and develop innovative solutions that equip managers and supervisors with essential tools to effectively monitor, manage, and enhance their Contact Center’s performance. In this way, our solutions empower our customers and help them maintain their competitive edge, attain their business objectives, and achieve their strategic goals.

Our Main Business


The unique solutions from ITNAV which were developed after years of experience and the identification of the unique needs of the Israeli market, with full compatibility with the solution required by the client and with the aim of providing the client with a technological advantage through tools to optimize processes, manage information and make decisions. We have developed tools that will maximize the information accumulated about the customers, streamline and help manage the call center’s activity, as well as provide tools to analyze and process all this information.

Voice Analytics

We implement platforms for voice and text analysis, powered by artificial intelligence. A solution that allows you to get insights into how customers communicate with the call center and the operator’s performance in each call. Regardless of which communication channel, the tool helps to identify the customer’s needs, the optimal sales method for him, the most effective service delivery method for the operator and more. To examine compliance with the regulations required by law with an excellent customer service experience, and from increasing the organization’s sales volumes and products.

Cloud Solution

ITNAV has a private, secure and backed-up cloud in Israel that enables broad support with technological wealth to meet the customer’s requirements, especially without any need for installations at the customer’s home. Also, we are the leading integrator of the GENESYS CX solution – a public cloud platform that is based on AWS and allows its customers to enjoy setting up a fast, easy and global solution. Our service provides an innovative, flexible environment that allows control and collaboration. A cloud center represents a huge opportunity for the customer to expand and run new applications and more to come.


Our company specializes in the integration, implementation and installation of advanced solutions for the world of hubs, which include the integration of telephony systems, management, interfaces between systems, cloud solutions with advanced technologies. As a leading company for many years, with rich experience in diverse solutions in the field, we have the ability to provide a wide range of services that are personally adapted to every demand or need of the customers, all under one roof: CCaaS cloud, Voice & Text Analytics, IVR, BOT, multichannel & digital channels (AI) Artificial intelligence

Contact Center & UC

Establishment and maintenance of enterprise service centers that facilitate the connection between the customer and the organization’s service center. Our solutions provide a perfect and comprehensive solution for the management of service and information in centers for customer service, customer relationship management and sales in all channels. The solution includes a uniform display of all communication channels with customers such as: calls, e-mail, social media, SMS and IM, recordings and more. We provide several types of solutions both on the client’s site and in a private cloud in Israel, a CCaSS public cloud based solution in AWS.

Service & Delivery

Advanced contact centers

Execution of high technology projects for the world of advanced service centers in a variety of channels.

Implementation of applications

Interfaces for CRM, sending SMS, whatsup, SIP interfaces, work from home and mobile, encryption and compliance with strict standards.

Application of IVR

Speech recognition, speaker recognition, dynamic and built-in AI routing.

Implementation the customer’s interactive tools

Omni Channel, CallBack, WhatsApp, SMS, Que control, Campaigns

Application of recording system

call recording, screen recording, feedback management, encryption and compliance with standards.

Voice insights

Provides insights and information about the processes at the call center including optimization of the telephone service processes.

Advanced reports

Real-time reports, reports of the historical BI interfaces, interfaces to the organization’s systems.

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Unique Solutions

ASQ Platform

ASQ is a powerful tool that can help Contact Centers improve their performance. It is easy to use and provides managers with the data they need to make informed decisions.



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