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ASQ Platform

ASQ platform is a suite of tools that helps managers and supervisors monitor, manage, and enhance their Contact Center’s performance. The platform includes features such as:
Real-time monitoring > Managers can see how their Contact Center is performing in real time, so they can identify areas for improvement and address problems as they occur.
Reporting > ASQ provides detailed reports on Contact Center performance, so managers can track trends and make informed decisions.
Analytics > ASQ uses advanced analytics to identify areas for improvement.
Dashboards > Managers can create custom dashboards for tracking the metrics that are most important.

A Web based Contact Center management system that offers managers and supervisors an accurate, up-to-date view of the Contact Center operations at any given moment. ASQreal serves as a dashboard that presents real-time information in a tabular and graphical form that is customizable to meet specific managerial needs. The ASQreal dashboard includes queue and skill graphs presenting one or a combination of two measures. The appearance and content of the graphs can be easily adapted to meet specific user requirements. Users can also focus on specific queue and skill data, presented in the form of pie charts, columns, and tiles. ASQreal has adjustable templates, allowing its users to display several instances of the same graph or table, each with different measures or alerts.

ASQflow allows easy and immediate monitoring of the organizational IVR flows. The system enables activation of dynamic messages, opening or shutting down IVR centers or branches, management of SMS messages, control of call transfer destinations, and more

An outgoing calls management system that supports registration of dialing records from various systems, examination of agent availability status, and dialing to customers based on the examination results. ASQueue supports reporting of dialing results to the organization central systems and provides a Web interface that enables Contact Center managers to monitor the outbound calls operation, including campaign progress reports, call forecasts, and more.

A personal agent utility that displays information related to individual agents’ activities in the form of tiles. An agent using ASQme can view information regarding waiting times in queues from which they receive calls, their own accumulative break durations, call data such as customer IDs and/or other forms of identification, and additional attached data of the ongoing calls. The information provided by ASQme, coupled with information originating in other sources, such as sales and objective goals, can help agents promote their quality of work and enhance their performance.

A simple yet effective interface for producing various historical reports that complement the general picture of the Contact Center operations. Reports include single-call reports, IVR operation reports providing information from different perspectives, customer experience reports, transferred calls reports, agent effectiveness reports, detailed incoming calls reports, and more. This tool facilitates in-depth analysis of the contact center operations and investigation of extreme case scenarios involving the entire Contact Center, the team, or a single agent.