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We are a software company that provides advanced technological solutions and supplementary applications for Contact Centers.
With over 20 years of experience in the industry, ITNAV has gained in-depth understanding and invaluable expertise of the complexities, as well as possibilities, involved in the operation and management of Contact Centers.
ITNAV has a proven track record of success in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, finance, retail, and government.

Experience and professionalism

For more than 18 years ITNAV has been successfully carrying out high technology projects in the field of telephony. We have great experience and expertise in setting up, integration, spatial vision of the entire solution in the costumer’s environment, in creating a uniform client experience and optimizing work processes in Unified Communication & Contact Center environments.
The company employs professionals with extensive experience in their field, including consultants, systems analysts, industrial and management engineers, project managers, training and implementation consultants, a team of instructors and programmers in a variety of development environments, and IT professionals, all of whom are top-notch in their field and have many years of experience.

Technological innovation

The company’s reputation and success are mainly due to the experience and capabilities of our team of experts. Professional project managers with great experience, capabilities and a high affinity for innovation and technology, together with an experienced and updated technological team and an agile development team, lead the company to dozens of successful projects, at a level of technological complexity and advanced interfaces adapted to the client’s requirements and systems.

We match the customer with the unique solutions tailored to his environment and needs

Contact Center


Customer Experience Services 





Unified Communication

The Unified Communication (UC) & Contact Center (CC).
We meet the needs of customers both on the technological side and on the side of business processes, implementation, integration and the provision of service and maintenance.
By solutions from AVAYA and GENESYS and complementary systems from NICE and VERINT while emphasizing customer and user experience.



End to End solution



Experience and Reputation

Implementation and Service

A comprehensive solution

Specialization and Expertise