ITNAVpro delivers a uniquely comprehensive portfolio of customer experience management-centric unified communication and contact center solutions, backed by industry-leading professional deployment and operation services. As Avaya Partner, ITNAVpro places at your disposal the most advanced, fully-featured and intuitive Avaya technology-based foundation for management and control of unified communication platforms and contact centers, enabling you to achieve industry-leading customer experience management.

We enable you to achieve:

  • Consistently high quality customer experience across all touch points – switch from random reaction to proactive, dynamic and highly personalized customer experience delivery.
  • Enterprise-wide customer engagement – transition from siloed interactions to fully aligned and well-connected resources, functions and processes, all operating in complete synchronization.
  • Actionable insight – don’t settle for simplistic “gut feelings”. Gain thorough and proactively applicable knowledge of customer circumstances, values and preferences.

ITNAVpro Customer Experience Management Benefits:

  • Seamless, uncompromisingly reliable anywhere/anytime VoIP connectivity, even under the most extreme conditions
  • High, multi-switch networking-enabled system scalability
  • Support for parallel conference bridging with virtually limitless caller volumes
  • Full redundancy and fault tolerance via state-of-the-art mesh architecture

Contact Center Integration

To ensure that you benefit from the full power and effectiveness of your investments, ITNAVpro provides industry-leading professional contact center integration services. Our contact center integration professionals make it their mission to fully understand your customer management and interaction challenges, and deliver the knowledge and guidance you need to successfully carry out each and every contact center deployment phase. Whether implementing solutions of limited scope or highly complex service platforms, our integration experts provide all of the means required – from business consulting, through site surveys, practical deployment, user acceptance testing, program management and training, and all the way to on-going maintenance and support – to help you achieve your contact center objectives on budget and in record time.